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10M Gantry Boring And Milling Machine

Release Time: 2024-03-05


10M Gantry Boring And Milling Machine is composed of machine tool bed, gantry, cross beam, workbench, tool store, spindle, feed system, etc. Among them, the gantry and beam are the support structure, the workbench is the platform for cutting the workpiece, the tool library is responsible for the switching and storage of the tool, the spindle is responsible for driving the tool to cut, and the feed system is responsible for the movement of the workbench in three directions and It can be used to process large workpieces, complex shape workpieces and precision parts. Its processing length can reach more than ten meters, processing width can reach five meters, processing height can reach two meters, accuracy can reach 0.02 mm, surface roughness can reach Ra3.2, which can meet the needs of most parts processing.

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