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  • Building Wires and Cables Turnkey Project

    1.Overview Building wires and cables are the most widely used type of electrical equipment wire and cable products, mainly refers to the fixed laying and mobile use of wire and cable for low-voltage power distribution, th...
  • 1600/1+3 Cradle Type Lay-up machine

    1.Electrical configuration PLC:CPU1214C (SIEMENS),S7-200 SMART HMI:KTP1200 Basic PN (SIEMENS) Inverter:FC360 2. Commissioning Software PLC Software:TIA Portal V15(SIEMENS)、SMART V2.4 HMI Software:TIA Portal V1...
  • Rigid strander( driven by individual motor)

    1.Preparation before commissioning ①、electrical equipment ②、Main PLC:SIEMENS  S7-1500 (CPU-1511C-1PN) ③、HMI: SIEMENS  TP1200 ④、drive:DANFOSS FC300 ⑤、electronic wire break detection Commissioning so...
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1600/1+3 Cradle Type Lay-up machine View More
Rigid strander( driven by individual motor) View More


HEFEI SMARTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP CORP.,an affiliated company of CNBM , located at China state-level Hefei Economic-Technological Development Zone, is widely acknowledged as a leading manufacturer in China for making wire & cable machinery in great varieties, large productions scale and sales, and high technological level, as well as an important manufacturer for making offshore and RTP pipe machinery.
HEFEI SMARTER was established in 1958. Since 1985, HEFEI SMARTER started to manufacture wire and cable equipment. With China's economy growing and clients' supports and care, HEFEI SMARTER has made great progress and is now in leading position on wire and cable machinery R&D and manufacturing, as well as in the offshore and RTP pipe machinery market...
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