Release Time: 2024-02-22


HeFei smarter will attend MESSE Düsseldorf 2024

Our booth number is : 13C30.

Exhibition gallery :wire 2024 International Wire and Cable Trade Fair.


Date : 2024.4.15~2024.4.19

Welcome to visit us at the booth.

Hefei smarter technology is a leading enterprise in China's cable equipment industry , and the first domestic brand.

HEFEI SMARTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP CORP.,an affiliated company of CNBM , located at China state-level Hefei Economic-Technological Development Zone, is widely acknowledged as a leading manufacturer in China for making wire & cable machinery in great varieties, large productions scale and sales, and high technological level, as well as an important manufacturer for making offshore and RTP pipe machinery.

HEFEI SMARTER was established in 1958. Since 1985, HEFEI SMARTER started to manufacture wire and cable equipment. With China's economy growing and clients' supports and care, HEFE SMARTER has made great progress and is now in leading position on wire and cable machinery R&D and manufacturing, as well as in the offshore and RTP pipe machinery market.

For more than 65 years, HEFEI SMARTER has taking technology as primary force. HEFEI SMARTER is always focusing on research and innovation of machinery, and more than sixty types of products including cable equipment, land pipeline equipment, marine pipeline equipment, subsea cable equipment, and optical fiber equipment have been developed. More than 230 products obtained the national patents, and around 108 of them are inventive patents. At present, HEFEI SMARTER has a National Enterprise Technical Center and a postdoctoral research station.

Having many years' experience accumulated in manufacturing special equipment, HEFEI SMARTER dedicates itself to satisfy the customized needs by delivering high quality products and providing perfect aftersales service in China market, as well as exporting to more than 300 customers in 70 countries such as US, Germany, UK, France, Netherland, Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam and etc.. Meanwhile, HEFEI SMARTER offers project consultation/planning/ designing services related to wire and cable projects & pipeline project. HEFE SMARTER is always a reliable partner for customers.

Our company works with and put our best effort to practice the business philosophy of “Innovating for Excellence, Aiming for Perfection", constantly develops and innovates, strives for excellence, and try our best to build the world's first brand in the pipe and cable equipment industry.

Our main productions:1.Wire and cable machinery : ①、Land cable series   including:High speed aluminum and aluminum alloy RBD directly drive by individual motor、Φ450 Equal dia. wheel type copper RBD directly driven by individual motor、Concentric Strander  (One bobbin for 3 wires)、Concentric Strander  (One bobbin for 1 wire)、High speed rigid frame type strander driven by individual motor、High speed tubular stander、Double Twister/Buncher、High speed planetary strander(no under-roller type)、Cradle type high speed laying up machine、Drum Twister、Aluminum sheathing line;②、Submarine cable series    including : Planetary type steel wire armoring machine、Vertical laying up machine、32M working OD cable/pipe accumulating pool system、Vessel Turntable、Submarine Cable and Umbilical cable sample、Horizontal laying up machine、Overhead Loading Arm;2、Pipe machinery : ①、Marine pipe series   ②、RTP pipe series   including:Glass fiber tape wrapping machine for reinforcement layer、Polyester silk screening machine for reinforcement layer;3、Steel rope machinery :  ①、Lifting steel rope series  ②、Stay rope series   including:Planetary strander for stay steel rope、Tubular strander for lifting steel rope.

 Our Honors:The chairman unit of the Standardization Technical Committee of Electrical Special Equipment of the National Standardization Management Committee、Standing director unit of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association、Vice-chairman unit of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch、Vice-chairman unit of the Wire and Cable Special Equipment Branch.

Our vision: To Build the World's  Best Brand in the pipe and Cable equipment industry.

Operation Principle : Innovating for excellence ,  Aiming for perfection. 

We sincerely invite you to visit us.

See you in the MESSE Düsseldorf 2024!

HeFei Smarter Will Attend MESSE Düsseldorf

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