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Laser Blanking Machine

Release Time: 2024-03-05


Laser blanking machine is the use of high energy laser beam on the surface of the workpiece instant irradiation, so that the surface of the workpiece material subjected to intense melting and vaporization. With the movement of the beam, the workpiece is separated into the required parts, so as to achieve the purpose of blanking processing. The machining process of laser blanking machine has the advantages of no cutting force, fast processing speed and small heat affected zone.

High processing accuracy: The precision of the laser cutting machine is very high, and it can accurately cut the workpiece of various shapes and sizes, and the cutting surface is smooth and burr free.
High processing efficiency: compared with traditional machining methods, laser blanking machine is very fast in processing speed, which can greatly shorten the processing cycle and production time, and improve work efficiency.

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